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and it will be my last"

In my childhood there was always music around me,
with the music came the understanding.
And that brought me

The money I earned with my first part-time job,
was spent on a used Hammond organ with leslie! It was a huge organ, with many keys and pedals. Too many to be honest. And the sound that came out was really, really, really loud!
My poor parents!

After some practice, it soon started to sound like James Last music. That is, if you didn't take it too closely. And had ear plugs in. And my organ volume exceeded the howling of our dog, who obviously did not like James Last.
So it's a matter of taste!


Hammond? Leslie?
More information about Hammond and/or Leslie you can find on this sites: (Dutch) (English)

The stutterer,
how a learning path is doomed to fail!

Believe me, it was not my unbridled attention. The organ teacher I hired to please both the dog and my parents did his best ...

but failed. Was that me? Was I too impatient or was it the fact that the best man stuttered during explanation?
And by stuttering I mean heavy stuttering! Except when he played the keys. As long as he played, his speech was fluent.
And so I paid an hourly rate to listen to his music instead of learning what he was trying to explain.
Poor dog. 
Poor wallet!

My patience ran out quickly, as usual.
After the above fiasco I decided to take a different approach.
Because one thing was certain, I will never learn to play on such an 'old-fashioned' box with a stuttering teacher next to it.

Lucky dog!
Poor teacher <You are fi-fi-fi-fir-ed!>

The new approach was as simple as it was expensive.
I bought myself a real keyboard! 
Nice and modern, packed with technology and no pedals.
Thank God!

My newborn already had a name;
Technics SX-K450

What a beauty!

At the time it came out, 1986, this was the 'top of the line' Technics accompaniment keyboards.
I gradually learned to play on this device.  And I enjoyed it a lot.

But above all, I also learned a lot about midi (.mid) and karaoke (.kar)
And so it came from one to the other. 

About that later.

Technics keyboard

More information about Technics Keyboards
you can find on this sites: (English) (English)

To be continued!

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